Winter 2016

In January (4-9), I began the year conducting research at CES in Las Vegas, where I saw a lot of virtual reality. Then I returned to Montreal, where I am in residence at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies.

In February (18-20), I will present research on Steve Jobs at Magic: Between Embodiment and Ontology, an emerging scholars and faculty symposium at McGill.

In April (8-10), I am organizing a workshop on technology and pedagogy at FemTechNet’s first in-person conference, Signal/Noise, and then (on April 19) presenting research on corporate sexuality at McGill’s first annual (we hope!) Queer Research Colloquium.

In May (1-4), I am returning to Moundsville, WV for research at the 2016 Mock Prison Riot and Technology Showcase.